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More live Spoon pics from Stubb's show here. Thanks, Brad. 07.30.05

Spoon pictures at the Siren Festival in Coney Island: Ice Cream Man. 07.19.05

Don't go, Sandra Day O'Connor! 07.03.05

Transcript of recent chat between Britt and fans here. 06.29.05

Photos and art section of SPOON is up. 06.25.05

Those bits where Conan shares his pictures are a thing of beauty. 06.24.05

My, my. Looks like I'm never going to get a copy of Telephono, based on these bids. And I thought bids going up to 50 bucks were ridiculous... 06.22.05

SPOON sold out the house tonight at the Avalon in Hollywood, a town where it is a bitch to find parking. I mean, the lot next to the club was charging $20. And they actually had the nerve to write "FLAT RATE" under the sign. As if anyone would think, "Oh, $20, you say? Is that per hour?" Anyway. The show was amazing, of course. The guys sounded incredible, the crowd, fuckin' huge. It was surprisingly a Girls Can Tell-heavy show, which I rather liked. Setlist here. 06.21.05

I've added a new section for archives of recent live setlists here. 06.15.05

I got pulled over by a cop for the first time today. "I swear, officer, I wasn't trying to run you over!" 06.14.05

Why is it radio stations start playing good music only when you're just about to step out of the car? 06.12.05

Since when have we started topping off meat with more meat? Hamburgers with pastrami topping, eggs, or shrimp... Gross. Would you like some meat to go with your meat? 06.11.05

I wonder if people could send me pictures they are taking at Spoon shows so I can post them. They could send them here. 06.11.05

Doesn't putting your bottle of liquor in a brown paper bag just make it that much more obvious you are indeed drinking liquor? They should make liquor bottle cozies, little rubber jackets that you can slip on your bottle to thwart the police. 05.28.05

Actually, in at least one episode, Stewie does say "effin' cry" instead of "laugh and cry," as I've had closed captioning on my TV during such an episode and it said "effin' cry." More here. 05.26.05

Whew! Complete Spoon lyrics now available, sorted alphabetically by title, including Gimme Fiction. 05.22.05

This should be the end-all to any sort of ethical issues the political right-wingers have with stem cell research: Scientists clone human stem cells from patients. What opposition can they possibly have for cells that are not embryonic in origin and would never have the potential to become a human being? Boo-ya. 05.20.05

The Walkmen at UCLA tonight sounded really good, really crisp. Among the ten or so songs in the set, they played pleasers like "We've Been Had," but "Look Out the Window" was a nice surprise. Hamilton and Matt, relatively calm here, not so much here (probably during "The Rat"). Paul Maroon smiled at the crowd and made love to the audience, as usual. 05.13.05

So... I don't know the point of my keeping lyrics on this site anymore, since most all of them are provided on Spoon's new super-duper website (they're driving me out of my business!). One wonders, then, what shall I do with it? I remember I started making a website for random thoughts and to make an archive of all the Sunday comic clippings of "Mutts." Then they started making an official "Mutts" site, so I scrapped that. What now, I wonder. An archive of pictures, perhaps. As I am obviously so successful at taking pictures. But they say all girls go through a photography phase. I may be going through mine. 05.12.05

I'm finally listening to the actual Gimme Fiction, not something leaked all over the internet... *cough cough* Got the insert signed by the guys after the Amoeba in-store tonight. Acted like a complete nerd talking to Britt. Man. I was so flustered, so nervous, so happy to finally meet him after years of being so in love with the music. He tells me he visits this site. He says he doesn't like the name. But really, what can you expect when you name your band Spoon? Here's a picture. I am literally doing all I can in that to control my facial muscles. 05.11.05

Yesterday I was happy because this site got 42 hits. Today, it got 71. I feel an urge to learn HTML and make this site less crappy for the wave of hits from new fans as they "discover" Spoon... Sign my guestbook, pleeeeaaaaassssse! 05.10.05

Yep, this is kinda late. You know what they say about being better late than... Well, actually, I recently found this is not always true. Anyway, here is the only decent picture of the many I took of Spoon at Coachella last weekend. 05.07.05 

Ann Coulter claims liberals hate America. She herself may claim to love America, but make no mistake, she clearly hates Americans. 04.19.05

If you turn on the TV in the presence of a parent, the occurrence of a seemingly innocent-looking program turning embarrassingly sexual is inevitable. Do this in the presence of both parents, and you might as well just turn the channel to C-SPAN (but then they'll probably begin recounting the Clinton scandal). On the other hand, when there are no parents in one's vicinity, the chances of finding anything remotely sexually interesting is depressingly low. 04.15.05

I'm obsessed with the FedEx logo. It's a marvel of man's invention, I tell you. 04.14.05

Doesn't Britt look so cute here? Spoon wins the Esky Music Award for "Best Outsiders." Though Esquire spelled "Gimme" wrong. Bastards. 04.13.05

There are, in fact, very few things I would do for a Klondike bar. 03.23.05

Ahh! Spoon US + Canada in-store, TV appearance, and tour dates: 
     Apr 30th Indio, CA @ Coachella Festival
     May 11th Los Angeles, CA @ Amoeba Music
     May 12th Los Angeles, CA @ Late Late Show with Doug Ferguson
     May 13th San Francisco, CA @ Amoeba Music
     Jun 1st Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
     Jun 2nd Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
     Jun 3rd Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
     Jun 4th Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
     Jun 5th Toronto @ Lee's Palace
     Jun 6th Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street
     Jun 7th Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
     Jun 8th New York, NY @ Webster Hall
     Jun 9th New York, NY @ Webster Hall
     Jun 10th Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
     Jun 11th Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
     Jun 12th Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
     Jun 13th Lawrence, KS @ Granada
     Jun 14th Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
     Jun 16th Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
     Jun 18th Seattle, WA @ Showbox
     Jun 20th San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
     Jun 21st Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon Hollywood
     Jun 22nd Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
     Jun 24th Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room
     Jun 25th Austin, TX @ Stubb's Bar-B-Q

Man was meant to drive on open highways. 03.19.05

A world with Martha is a better world. 03.16.05

I just don't get it when in movies, just as the heroic character is about to kill the sleazy traitor guy, the hero says something like "It's not worth it to kill you. You disgust me, you." and lets the guy go. You should always kill the bad guy in movies. If you don't, it's gonna come back to haunt you, because he's not going to go cower away in a ditch somewhere, at awe of your mercifulness or whatnot. They always come back to betray you. Always. 03.12.05

No post office should close at 4. It's unAmerican. 03.01.05

I love the last page in magazines. There's an excellent last-page essay in Time this week by Andrew Sullivan.  02.28.05

I really, really, really wish that Schwarzenegger would stop making action-movie allusions during his political speeches and commentary. Call me uptight, but it drives me nuts when he calls politicians "girly men" and talks about "kicking their butts." Agh. Who am I kidding? We call him the Governator, for chrissake. 02.27.05

There's nothing like coming home smelling of Korean BBQ. 02.24.05

I guess female wrestlers must use body glue. 02.23.05

89.3 The Current is grand. LA should be so lucky to have such good public radio. I mean, KCRW and KUSC aren't bad (in fact, KUSC actually used to be quite good, before they went all-classical). They're just not as great. 02.22.05

Hey kids, here are some work-in-progress (but pretty damn good) unofficial lyrics to tracks off of Gimme Fiction. 02.20.05

I am the proud owner of an authentic African spear. Fear its dull, rusty point. Intruders beware!!! 02.19.04

I'm dizzy. The room is spinning. I have heard the new Gimme Fiction, and it is amazing. I still can't wait until May, until I actually have the physical molecules of the thing in my hands. Here's the album art from Matador. 02.17.05

OK, so it seems I've been typing "Gimme Shelter" all this time when referring to the new Spoon album instead of "Gimme Fiction." I've made all the corrections, but it's so weird! I was certain that I've been typing "Gimme Fiction," and I even remember thinking, "Hm, that's rather like Gimme Shelter." It's amazing how sometimes the brain is under the delusion of what it thinks it's doing when it's really not. Yep. 02.13.05

Certain words amuse me, especially semi-archaic words when they're used in an everyday context. Like when this stand-up tonight at Brew Co said something about how certain people are "wont to be" a certain way, it amused me to no end. 02.11.05 

Matador will be releasing all non-North American distributions of Gimme Fiction on May 9. 02.10.05

Yes. YES. Spoon's new album, to be called Gimme Fiction, will be released on May 10. And they're confirmed at Coachella this year. All in all, exciting news. 02.06.05 

This winter will be one that will forever be remembered as the Great Ass Freeze-Off (that's MY ass, freezing off). But I did get to see snow falling for the first time in my conscious memory, and I made a snowman. 02.05.05

Yay! The unofficial lyrics to "I Could Be Underground" are in the "unsorted lyrics" section. Thanks, Tom. 01.12.05

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